Quantum Life

with Steve McVey

True science doesn’t stand in contradiction to faith, but complements it.

Discover practical ways to start leading a passionate, more fulfilled life alongside a group of like-minded thinkers. Get access to hundreds of videos that dive deep into the intersection of Quantum Mechanics and spirituality, providing practical guidance to help you lead a life of meaning and passion. Plus, with the Quantum Life Facebook Group, you won't have to go on the journey alone!

What is Quantum Life?

Over the past century, scientists have discovered a reality that is much different from, and greater than, the physical world. A Reality in which we all live, move, and exist.

Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics called it “the matrix.” Albert Einstein called it, “the unified field.” Sixth century BC Greeks called it “the aether (ether).” Others have called it “universe” or “source” or “spirit.” Jesus called it “the kingdom of God.”

Quantum Life with Steve McVey takes the power of quantum physics alongside the fulfilling nature of a spiritual meditation. This eye-opening group covers topics tools for seeing your greatest dreams realized, living courageously and intentionally, meditation as a pathway to a more fulfilling life, reaching your potential, building healthy relationships and much more, all to help create a more satisfying life.

With practical advice, insightful guidance, and my own life experience, Quantum Life is bringing together a group of open minded individuals dedicated to cultivating a truly inspiring conscience and mind.

The Power of Fulfillment

There is a special power found at the intersection of science and spirituality. When combined alongside daily practices, like study and meditation, this intersection can help you create a happier life. Bridge the gap between science and spirituality by investing in yourself.

About Quantum Life

It takes daily practice to begin leading a life of fulfillment, but it’s always worth the effort.

Every weekday, I sit down to discuss quantum truths that have been proven to bring real change to people’s lives when understood and consistently practiced. With the video content and Facebook group access, you’ll get:

  • Bullet Point Practical Life Tips
  • Bullet Point Insightful Discussion
  • Bullet Point A Healing Platform for Open Discussion
  • Bullet Point Daily Inspiration!
  • Bullet Point And so much more

With Quantum Life, not only will you be given the necessary knowledge to change any aspect of yourself, but you will also learn how to apply what you learn in order to make measurable changes in any area of your life.

LIVE: Monday - Friday, 8:30 A.M. (EST)

Videos remain available after live broadcast and can be watched any time.

About Steve McVey

Dr. Steve McVey is the President of Grace Walk, whose goal is to share the message of God's Love for all humanity. McVey is the author of seventeen books, including the best-selling, Grace Walk. His writing is filled with spiritual truth, practical application, humor and affirmation that will encourage you and strengthen you in your own journey toward spiritual development and personal enrichment. Steve and Melanie live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. They have four adult children and five grandchildren.


I speak live every Monday through Friday, beginning at 8:30AM Eastern Standard Time. The video teachings will remain on the page after the live broadcast has ended. Members of the group may access the video teachings at any time and as many times as they want. On the rare occasions when I am not able to broadcast live at the normal time, the teaching will either be done later in the day or else a guest host lead the group that day.

“Quantum Life with Steve McVey" is best described by the name of the group. It is a community where participants share our daily lives together in the pursuit to learn and apply quantum truths to practical areas of our lives. Each morning begins with me teaching for about a half hour, offering information intended to be inspirational, instructive, and at times, entertaining . Then I interact with comments and questions from live viewers. The dynamic of the group is informal but structured. Although the focus is often on spirituality, it isn't a religious environment but more similar to a relaxed classroom setting. An intention we all share is to nurture a sense of community within the group. We are an inclusive group who respects differences between spiritual perspectives group members may hold.

Most certainly. True science doesn’t stand in contradiction to faith but compliments it. Theology explains who God is while science explains how He works. These are in no way mutually exclusive but are actually complimentary to each other. Historically, religious people have often been reluctant to embrace science, but many finally know better. Spiritual growth is an ongoing expansion of concentric circles that carry us further toward a deeper and deeper understanding of Reality. True science is a circle of truth that reaches beyond the world of religion and points us toward a Greater Reality. Jesus, Himself, understood quantum life and, when questioned about how he performed miracles, told his disciples, “There are so many things I could tell you now but you aren’t able to bear it.” That was then. Today we are being led into those “many things” and that includes truth from the world of science. All truth is God’s truth and today much of it seems miraculous to us.

There are several reasons why there is a cost to join this group. The main one is that it serves as a filter by only allowing those in who are willing to invest in themselves. It is important for each participant to have to have skin in the game. The subscription fee demonstrates genuine interest and not just curiosity. This group is for those who value their own personal development and the teaching offered enough to invest in it. The nominal monthly fee weeds out internet trolls whose only goal is to criticize. Paying the small cost of 25 dollars per month, which equals 83 cents per day, increases the likelihood that those in the group truly value it. I will continue to offer many free resources on my public Facebook page, YouTube, Twitter and other on the Internet through which I publicly connect with others. This particular group goes deeper, much deeper, than other publicly available content I offer.

Over the past century, scientists have discovered a Reality that is much different from and greater than the physical world explained by the scientific materialists’ paradigm that we were taught in school. This all-encompassing Reality is a non-material reality that can be considered nothing other than spiritual. It has been called by many names. Max Planck, the father of quantum mechanics called it “the matrix.” Albert Einstein called it, “the unified field.” Sixth century BC Greeks called it “the aether (ether).” Others have called it “universe” or “source” or “spirit.” Jesus called it “the kingdom of God.” All these phrases describe the One Reality inside which we all live and move and exist. Understanding this Reality is central to living the life we were created to know and enjoy.

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